Blue IRIS Divorce 101

The Divorce 101 workshop is offered through out the year in the Denver metro area. This half-day session provides a discreet setting where women can receive essential information and an overview of the divorce process in Colorado from divorce professionals and women who share their experiences.

Normal Cost: $50

Sat.Sept 28th, 2019

9:15 am - 1:30 pm

5613 DTC Parkway

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Divorce 101 Overview

The workshop features panel discussions by professionals on the legal, financial, family, and emotional aspects of divorce along with personal stories told by women who have gone through divorce. The event is a great opportunity to connect with divorce professionals and other women.


Topics covered include:

The Legal Process

  • How do I start the process?

  • Do I need to hire an attorney and/or mediator?

  • What are the different options for obtaining a divorce?

  • How are custody and parenting time determined?

  • How is child support calculated?

  • What is maintenance and how is it determined?


Financial Considerations

  • How can I protect myself financially during the process?

  • What financial information will I need to know in advance?

  • What factors should I consider when negotiating the division of assets and debt?

  • What are the pros and cons of keeping the family home?

  • Will I be able to refinance or qualify for a new loan?

  • Will I need to get new health insurance? Life insurance?


Emotional and Wellness Issues

  • Who can I talk to for help and support?

  • How can I process all of my emotions around divorce?

  • How can I take care of myself and navigate this life transition?

  • How will my relationships with friends and family be affected?

  • What can be done to help my children cope?

  • What support resources are available?


Other Women’s Stories

  • How did they know their marriage was over?

  • How did they complete the process of divorce?

  • What were the pros and cons of their approach?

  • How are they rebuilding their lives?

  • What were some of the unexpected outcomes of their divorce?

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