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"Revive Your Image" Social Event

Lisa Sharpe – owner and consultant will offer a private collection of resale fashion and accessories to choose – We will explore new looks and encourage each other with what looks good, etc.

Lisa will donate 20% of all sales at this event back to Blue Iris – Thanks Lisa!

And as a Special Offer, Stylish Sparrow will give Blue Iris members $25 off the $150 3-hour closet consultation:

"Our mission is to bring freedom to women within their own closet and current life-right now-today-just as you are.  As humans, we tend to think, “When I lose weight I’ll…” “When the divorce is over, I’ll…”   I want to change this kind of thinking.  Because today matters.  And-we don’t have to throw everything away and start over.  Or break the bank."                               - Lisa Sharpe, Owner & Stylist at Stylish Sparrow

  Sunday, Oct. 15th, 2017               2-5pm

Reservations required: 

Style Consultancy by Stylish Sparrow

At Stylish Sparrow:  Whittier Neighborhood, Denver

Jewelry by Leslie Andrews

Jewelry Designer, Leslie Andrews, is known for her unique ability to mix the "unexpected" to create pieces that are delicate yet substantial.  Leslie describes her style as classic with a modern twist.  Her signature style incorporates pearls and leather for a leather and lace look.  She also uses silver, gold and copper chain along with gemstones, pearls and other unique charms and stones to round out her line of jewelry.  She gets her inspiration from nature, romance, music and Jackie O. 

Her greatest reward as a Jewelry Designer is the many comments she gets from her customers about the uniqueness of her designs and their special energy as well as the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing. 

Her one of kind pieces are reasonable priced from $20 - $65.

Leslie will donate 15% of all sales back to Blue Iris – Thanks Leslie!

Lynn Townsend, David Lynn Photography

I have been photographing for over 20 years now, and professionally for twelve.  My photography has taken me around the world and to some of the most intimate moments in my client's lives.  Through it all, connection remains the most important thing to me.  Over the last several years, my desire to photograph women has grown, and I treasure the opportunity to hold space for each and every woman in an individual way. I offer the opportunity to be really seen, honored and photographed just as you are.  


Here is a testimonial that sums up the experience of being photographed by me better than I ever could!


"To be photographed by Lynn Townsend is to be seen - truly.  Lynn has the rare ability to capture essence and somehow make a photo shoot feel like a rich conversation. Her approach is highly intuitive, personable and gracefully professional. I can honestly say that being in front of her camera is a delight (which I typically dread). So if you’re lucky enough to book time with her, look forward to seeing yourself through a masterfully authentic and beautifully human lens that’s ALL YOU."  -Astrid Koch | Art Director & Inventor, Chicago

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